Stichting Budo Promotie Gooi- en Eemland
in association with JBN and JJEU presents

24 & 25 March, 2018

in Amersfoort
the Netherlands

Dutch Open Jiu Jitsu 2018

Duo, Fighting & Ne-waza
U18, U21 and Seniors

and featuring

Europa Cup Jiu Jitsu 2018

Duo, Fighting & Ne-waza

Please visit us regularly for updates.

Invitation for Dutch Open 2018 and EuropaCup U15 2018

The invitation and registration forms for both the Dutch Open 2018 and EuropaCup U15 2018 are available for download.

Invitation Dutch Open and EuropaCup U15 2018 [updated v4]Registration form Dutch Open 2018 [updated v3]Registration form EuropaCup U15 [updated v2]

Competition categories

Click below to download a PDF with a the competition categories. We’ll refresh the schema if there are any updates.

DO_EC 2018 Per Weight Category v1.9

Our Sponsors

This event is made possible by our sponsors.

Latest News

New version of competition schema

A new version of the competition schema is now available. We received lots of feedback and some athletes canceled and were added. This is now the final list of competitors.[…]

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19/03/2018 0

First version of competitors list posted

We put together the first version of the competition categories. We thank you all for registering. We welcome athletes from Belgium, Germany, Congo, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Russia, Switzerland[…]

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12/03/2018 0

A few words for our sponsors

As you may know events like the Dutch Open/EuropaCup U15 2018 are made possible by a lot of volunteers, but also by companies and hard working entrepreneurs that either add[…]

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07/03/2018 0

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