First version of competitors list posted

We put together the first version of the competition categories. We thank you all for registering. We welcome athletes from Belgium, Germany, Congo, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Russia, Switzerland and the Netherlands on the 24th and 25th of March. We will update the list if there are changes, so please check the website or…
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12/03/2018 0

A few words for our sponsors

As you may know events like the Dutch Open/EuropaCup U15 2018 are made possible by a lot of volunteers, but also by companies and hard working entrepreneurs that either add to the budget or provide a service. Companies like Apply BV, Albert Heijn Soestdijk (who will also be collecting funds for Stichting Kinderen Kankervrij (KiKa)…
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07/03/2018 0

Streaming for EC and DO via

We are happy to announce that the live stream for EuropaCup U15 and Dutch Open 2018 will be covered by (thank you Rob Haans) and will be streamed via

21/02/2018 0

New tournament trailer live

Today we released the new trailer of the tournament 

18/02/2018 0

Extended registration

Today the official registration deadline ended. Many athletes registered and we’re very pleased with that. In March we will welcome athletes from Belgium, Germany, Congo (yes, really), Sweden, Italy, Hungary and of course the Netherlands. Also a few other countries have said that they would come to both the EC U15 and Dutch Open. Since…
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16/02/2018 0

Updated weighing schedule for both EuropaCup U15 and Dutch Open

We had many request to have an extra weighing session in the mornings on Saturday and Sunday. We managed to organise a session on Saturday from 07:15 until 08:00 and on Sunday from 07:15 until 08:00. This change is also made in the invitation and is now available for download. You can download the updated…
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08/02/2018 0

Updated registration form for Dutch Open

Due to a minor error in the registration form, we made a new version (version 3) available for download. You can download the updated registration form here. If you have any questions, please contact us.

06/02/2018 0

Invitation version 3 for Dutch Open 2018 and EuropaCup U15 2018 online now

Due to some minor changes to the invitation, we made a new version available for download. You can download the updated invitation here. If you have any questions, please contact us.

31/01/2018 0

Update #3

There are only 19 days left to register for the Ju-Jitsu tournament and 52 days left until the event! You must be registered to compete. Do not wait until the last minute as we have a lot of interest from athletes from many countries. The athletes who want to register for the Dutch Open en…
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28/01/2018 0

Only four weeks to go…

The 2018 Dutch Open & EuropaCup under 15 tournament schedules are set. The EC-15 date is set for Saturday the 24th of March, and the Dutch Open is scheduled for Sunday the 25th of March. Besides interest from many European countries, we also have interest from the African and Asian continents. We welcome them all to…
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21/01/2018 0